3 Types Of Problems That Plague Troubled Teens

Growing up in the age of social media isn't always easy. It's common for teens to experience some awkward growing pains as they adjust to their evolving bodies and places in society, but teens in the past could experience these problems in relative privacy.

Today's teens can see their awkward moments shared with the world in a matter of seconds. This type of exposure makes today's teens vulnerable to a wide range of emotional and behavioral problems.

It's important that parents understand the social environment in which their teen exists so they can intervene when their teen begins to exhibit problematic behavior.

1. Depression

Teen depression is a serious problem among the youth of today. Teens are known for being moody, but the social pressures they face can cause emotional changes that go beyond mere moodiness.

Peer pressure and the vulnerability that comes with social media can cause your teen to experience a major depressive episode.

You shouldn't take teen's depression lightly or assume that your child will simply grow out of it. Reach out to an expert for help if your teen becomes severely withdrawn, has problems sleeping, or engages in destructive behaviors. These are all potential symptoms of teenage depression.

2. Promiscuity

Promiscuity is a sensitive subject for many parents to discuss. No parent wants to believe that their teen is sleeping around, but ignoring promiscuous behavior could have devastating consequences.

Teens typically become promiscuous to bolster their self-esteem, to defy their parents, or to assert their independence.

Promiscuous behavior has the potential to impact your teen for the rest of their life. Pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and physical harm caused by a partner are all concerns associated with a promiscuous teen.

It may be beneficial to take your promiscuous teen to an inpatient facility that will be able to provide the counseling and direction needed to prevent any promiscuous behavior in the future.

3. Aggression

Troubled teens often have difficulty expressing their anger in a constructive way. Anger is typically manifested as aggression, and some troubled teens can even cause physical harm to themselves or others.

Professional guidance is needed for a teen who suffers from aggression issues. Counseling can give your teen the skills that they need to cope with frustration and anger in a more healthy way.

Many counseling centers also offer services to help parents learn more about teen aggression and how they can work to prevent aggressive episodes in the future. Contact a troubled youth treatment center near you to learn more.